Hello, I’m Rick Sonleiter. It all began in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I was born and raised in a family of jewelry and clothing retailers. My dream growing up was to have a place of my own where I could be creative and meet new people. Throughout my life I've traveled to many countries abroad experiencing different cultures and spent many years as a protégé of a jewelry designer in Palm Springs, California. These experiences inspired me to create jewelry that was reminiscent of ancient treasures with a contemporary twist. Jewelry that’s timeless in design for everyday wear. Designs are created by hand and not by computer, therefore each piece is a true work of art. 

My dream became a reality when I opened my first gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2014 where I launched my first jewelry collection. In 2017, I relocated my studio and gallery to the Arts District in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is here that I continue to do what I’m passionate about, creating jewelry and meeting people from all over the world.


Sonleiter design and craftmanship

We create all of our designs by hand using wax and cast by one of the oldest metal-forming techniques called lost-wax casting. Intricate works can be achieved by this method. Each piece is handcrafted with great attention-to-detail and takes about four weeks to complete from start to finish. Made solid through and through of 100% recycled Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. All handcrafted in Arizona.